Work > Strike and Dip

Sheetrock, latex, wood, acrylic, pencil

Mollusks secrete calcium carbonate and deposit the material to form their shells, continually uniting themselves as the simultaneous cast and maker of their mold. Over millions of years, these shells compress into limestone, frequently containing petroleum and natural gas.

Thornton Quarry is one of the world's largest limestone quarries and "the world's largest open-air septic system" (A3 Environmental Consultants, 2020). Located just south of Chicago, IL, USA, and at the core of a 400 million-year-old fossilized reef, its northern lobe provides 7.9 billion gallons of sewage storage. Holding mineral deposition as an activity from desire and one that produces desire in its surrounding networks, Strike and Dip imagines this exchange of desires between the mollusk, sewage, engineer, miner, machine, and neighbor.

Image Credit: Guanyu Xu